Before establishing herself prominently in the Montreal real estate market, Ana owned and operated her own real estate firm in her native Mexico City. From those early beginnings in 1993, she conducted every negotiation with expertise, steadily earning the trust of countless home sellers and buyers, as well as the respect of her peers.

Holding a university degree in Business Administration along with an MBA, Ana possesses a thorough understanding of the entire real estate transactional process. An essential and valuable skill, which pays big dividends for her clients; many of whom return to Ana for their subsequent home sales or purchases.

Ana is also a sublime negotiator. A consummate professional in securing the best possible price, she never pressures a client to accept an offer that doesn’t meet their personal objectives or market realities. You’ll find Ana omnipresent in every step of the process. From pre-qualifying potential buyers, staging and photographing properties… to conceiving marketing strategies and signing the final deed at the notary’s office.

Selling or buying a property can be a complex and stressful decision for all kinds of reasons. Ana uses her business savvy and honed personal skills, to make sure every aspect of the negotiation goes as smoothly as possible. Ana's clients appreciate very much that she is someone you can trust, and she will be there when you need her the most – even following up with you after the sale to make sure everything is all right... Desirable qualities, without a doubt!